How many people are online?

During the recent discussion on “Do You Need a Resume?” we were reminded that not everyone is online or knows how to find you online. Many people are still scared of technology, don’t understand it or are just plain ignorant of what can be achieved. (This is not just in the workplace many of ourContinue reading “How many people are online?”

Election Campaigns and Enterprise 2.0

Overnight John Edwards used YouTube as one of the means to announce his candidacy for the US Presidential elections. John Edwards has been using the internet and social/new media (podcasts, videocasts) for a while now so this is no surprise. For me this indicates a “tipping point” in the acceptance of “new media” and IContinue reading “Election Campaigns and Enterprise 2.0”

Web 2.0 – not a bubble until it bursts

Over the last few weeks I have noticed more and more talk that this Web 2.0 thing is really a bubble and about to burst. For me it started with MySpace being picked up for US$580 million by News Corp and just getting hotter and hotter with the biggest indicator we are going to popContinue reading “Web 2.0 – not a bubble until it bursts”

Tom Reynolds unemployed corporate blogger

Last Friday Tom Reynolds was let go from Telstra, which by itself is not a big issue, people get let go everyday.  Where this little story gets a little interesting is Tom is a blogger, and not just a personal blogger but a corporate blogger on Telstra’s site called Now We Are Talking.  Ok could beContinue reading “Tom Reynolds unemployed corporate blogger”

4th BJ Show published!

The 4th episode of BJs Show has just gone up. We are getting better at this podcasting thing, maybe by number 6 we will sound a but more professional! Anyway in this episode BJs gives a brief school holidays update a few quick movie reviews and gets into some tunes! So lie back and enjoy!