The history of podcasting

Richard Giles has released the first part of his unpublished book on podcasting, including a very interesting history

Careful online observers would note that the history of podcasting has been a battle fought over many times.  It is good to see a version that seems true at least from what I have read and heard.  Michael Geoghegan, one of the first podcasters agrees with this version as well.

2 thoughts on “The history of podcasting

  1. Thanks Micheal. I spent a good deal of time doing the research to get it as right as possible, given that there has been so much contention on who, when, where, and why podcasting started.

    Hope it’s an enjoyable and useful read for everyone.


  2. Rich iit looks like you spent a huge amount of time just for that chapter very informative. I also like your writing style, you should write a few more books 🙂

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