Listening to Barry Schwartz’s Less is More presentation from PopTech and during which I experienced an “a ha” moment, you know the one when you suddenly understand what is going on. Barry had been talking for about 30 minutes on how the number of options made available to people actually decrease the likelihood of themContinue reading “Choices”

Can one person make an impact?

Over the last year the train system across Sydney has been collapsing under mis-management and technical issues. Delays of 1 30 minutes are regular enough to cause major frustrations. Sometime it can take be 2 hrs to complete a journey that should only take about 45 minutes. Eventually Rebecca Tuner a legal secretary had hadContinue reading “Can one person make an impact?”

The planets are out of alignment!

Ok, this has nothing to do with HR or technology. I found this on Yahoo News a man died yesterday in north Queensland after accidentally stabbing himself. After reading the short news item, I just cringe at the thought of how he went, ouch. For all us men out there BE CAREFUL!