Is the world broke?

After another very hot weekend in Sydney (38-40C or 100-104F) we got home tonight and decided (in a second on stupidity) to order Pizza Hut. Boy what a mistake.

Initially the order taker denied our voucher because she did not know about it, then my wife tried to call them back to complain. Then things what really bad. Lets just say after 3 phone calls to the call centre, two deliveries, a call from to the call centre, a call to the call centre manager and a call to the customer complaints, we finally got what we tried to order, which they said did not exist, and we are still missing the $2 they over charged us. Only to add insult to injury while I was cleaning up I found another voucher offering the same thing, oh and $1.95 cheaper.

Now I log into Blogger and find they still think I have 99 posts, when by my count I have 130, I know not a lot but still.

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