Can one person make an impact?

Over the last year the train system across Sydney has been collapsing under mis-management and technical issues. Delays of 1 30 minutes are regular enough to cause major frustrations. Sometime it can take be 2 hrs to complete a journey that should only take about 45 minutes.

Eventually Rebecca Tuner a legal secretary had had enough and call ed on the public to take action, not to pay for tickets today. Rebecca called on all commuters to join her in an action of civil disobedience. More background on why she has done this here.

Initially the government said they would fine anyone who did not have a ticket, the current fine is $200. The government eventually had to back down when massive media and public support swelled for Rebecca’s idea. This was topped off by 20,000 unionists pledged their support. Even RailCorp workers got behind her campaign by handing out leaflets blaming management for the poor train service.

Eventually the government backed down and tried to out do Rebecca and announced that today would be a “government approved” fare free day! Now it seems that the Premier himself is taking the blame.

Once again it seems a single person can make a difference.

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