Employee Engagement and Social Media

Over the last 2 weeks I have been giving a series of presentations looking at how social media (and Enterprise 2.0) can drive employee engagement. While the slides are available on slideshare for download I wanted to give a bit of context.

As part of preparing the presentation I came across a presentation by Susan Scrupski from Soco Partners (I also lifted several other ideas from one of her presentations to the 2.0 Adoption Council, thanks Susan!), where Susan introduced the concept of 2.0 Zen:

  • Collaboration
  • Trust
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency

This struck a chord with me. If someone had asked me to describe good social media these are the words I would have used. But I started looking at this a little further, from an HR point of view, and from my research on engagement. I have found five general attributes that enable employees to feel valued and therefore engaged:

  • Involvement in decision making
  • Feel they are able to voice their ideas, & managers listen to these views
  • Have line of sight between employee performance & company performance
  • They have career development
  • When the organisation is concerned for employees’ health & wellbeing

While looking at this it occurred to me that an organisation that had a highly engaged workforce exhibited the same attributes as Susan’s 2.0 Zen:

  • Collaboration
  • Trust
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency

From this I built the rest of the presentation, which you can find below.

7 thoughts on “Employee Engagement and Social Media

  1. Hi Michael, quick ques. In my organization, we do have intra platform for employees – with forum platforms and such. However, the employees do not interact to expectation. We have 25k employees across the country btw. The reason when asked is “busy” and “no time”. How do we tackle that?


  2. Many companies think social media is only used for “outer” marketing, and not something employees can use. They should though, I agree with you, any medium to empower employees is always best.

  3. I think the connection between employee engagement and social media platforms is a very strong one. I think that as more employees get online to voice their opinions, companies will start to wake up to the idea that there is yet another reason to make sure the work place is engaged. Thanks for the great presentation.

    Aina, if 25K employees are telling you they are too busy to interact in a forum discussion, I would ask them pointedly to think about process improvements they might share (or functions that can be let go) – all this to discover: are they really too busy? or are they disengaged?

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