Social media in the workplace

The use of social software tools inside the firewall is called Enterprise 2.0, a term coined by Professor Andrew McAfee in his 2006 article “Enterprise 2.0 The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration“. Within this article he talks about the building blocks of Enterprise 2.0, SLATES.

  1. Search
  2. Links
  3. Authoring
  4. Tags
  5. Extensions
  6. Signals

This makes sense as they mirror the growth components that have made Web 2.0 what it is today. Unfortunately while consumer tools and services are delivering on these promises when employees come to work the tools provided by your average IT department are, well, less than average when it comes to enabling emergent collaboration.

The places where most enterprises fail first is with search. How many corporate Intranet search tools provide the ease of use, speed, relevancy and accuracy of Google?

In a survey completed last year AIIM found that almost 70% of respondents believed that only 50% or less of their organisation’s information was searchable online! With only 10% saying that findability of information inside their organisation was an “Imperative”.

This issue is only going to get larger the more and more people who experience Web 2.0 on the “consumer web” as they will begin to expect the same features and usability internally.

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