A blog story 5 years on

5 years ago today I started blogging with a small and unassuming post called “Welcome” (original I know), with the first topic to be covered being recruitment. Over the years I have written a lot about recruitment, but also technology, management, and HR.

In summary over the last 1,825 days:

  • I have typed out 1,313 posts, a little under one a day
  • You have made 1,873 comments
  • I have worked for 4 different companies, well 5 as I now work for myself
  • Watched the rise and fall of many companies
  • Watched the rise and fall of many blogs
  • Met some amazing people, I was going to try and list a few but it became too hard.

When I decided to start a blog after reading several blogs for a while and finding very very few covering HR, Recruitment and Technology, ok there were none! I also want a place for my ideas in a format that others could provide feedback so the blog format was perfect.

Thank you to all who read my writing, I really appreciate it. If you have never commented it would be fantastic to hear from you over the next year.

Finally I am looking forward to another 5 years of typing away on this blog.

9 thoughts on “A blog story 5 years on

  1. I can’t remember how I first found your blog but have enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the last five years, look forward to the future!

  2. Congrats on this achievement. After reading you for some time now, I’ve decided to start my own, to help evangelize Europe on the Job social marketplace from sunny Barcelona.
    Please find it at tomsawyer.es. Your comments are very welcome. I’m looking forward to stablishing good connections with you.
    (Hope my blogging efforts will last for some time!)

    Kudos again on your achivements!

  3. Well done Michael! You’re one of the few (only?) Australian HR tech bloggers.

    I’ve never made the jump from HR tech consulting and presenting to blogging but you and a few others (like systematicHR) keep me inspired to do it one day.

    If I can find the time from running a business…

    Hope to catch up with you sometime!

  4. Very Well Done!! Congrats for your achievement & your dedication in this field. Keep up this in future also. Your efforts are helping us in knowing about many meaningful topics. I like your dedication. All The Best For Your Future. Keep It Up !!

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