Twitter in the recruitment process

I am sorry but I have to call this out.

The RCSA is the peak Australian association for the recruitment and on-hire sector (according to their web site) but I do wonder sometimes if they know what is going on. (Disclosure I am not a member and have only attended a few of their events so my comments are very biased.)

The RCSA is running a “How to use Twitter in the Recruitment Process” webinar in June. Which on the surface is a great initiative.


They are changing $143 for non member! Um hang on didn’t Thomas Shaw run one for free last month? You missed his session don’t worry just download my free guide! No don’t download my guide, have a search on Google for a guide.

Sorry it had to be said.

3 thoughts on “Twitter in the recruitment process

  1. Michael,
    I don’t think you need to apologise, but nor should the RCSA apologise for charging non members for a seminar. Why should the paying members subsidise non members?

    For the record I am not an RCSA member, although I was when many years ago when I worked in recruitment. If it was AHRI offering this it would probably be three times the price!

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