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I found this over at the Amnesia blog a Dutch marketing agency, Energize, in a bid to attract social media cadidates has reworked their job application page to look like Twitter.

I have to agree with the guy at Amnesia it is a little gimmicky, but as they said the site is getting attention.  A couple of interesting observations, the CV is optional

They are also meeting some of Gerry Crispin’s attributes on a good careers website:

  1. When I apply, am I the one this employer is looking for? (Am I your Target candidate or is someone else?)
  2. Is it clear to me why I should come to (or stay at) this company? (Engage me.)
  3. Was I able to find the information I need to support my reasons for applying here? (Can you really Inform me?)
  4. Was I thanked, offered next steps, promised feedback or status? (After I’ve applied, will you Respect me in the morning?)

This approach to attracting candidates is clearly showing the type of candidate they are after, this apporach is also engaging. But I don’t read Dutch so I can’t comment on if there is enough information on the site that is informing the candidate. Nor did they acknowledge my application immediately.

One thought on “Job Applications on Twitter-like service

  1. This is a great example of a successful recruitment guerilla campaign (low cost, high impact). But there is only one rule in guerilla marketing; there are no rules. So you won’t find the first 3 attributes here (I read Dutch). But again, it’s not a career site.

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