ATC: Russell Kronenburg from Pacific Brands

Next up was Russell Kronenburg, Group People and Performance Manager, Pacific Brands. Wow want a fantastic session. Russell provided us with some amazing insights into what Pacific Brands are doing to attract key talent. Pacific Brands had an issue with finding designers, who could take up to 180 days to hire! Russell introduced us to the Barrett Model for Organisation Values and how this relates to talent management.

His point of view is that if you focus on the community and then administrative things will work themselves out. Looking at this from a talent management point of view Pacific Brands are focused on developing the talent pipeline for their revenue impacting jobs, ie designers. To this end they have been working heavily with universities and designer industry organisations. Some examples:

  • Pacific Brands established a LinkedIn Group for designers to connect and communicate, while not designed for recruitment Pacific Brands have made a hires from the community. Of interest Russell is the community manager.
  • One of Pacific Brands designers’ has been invited to be an adjunct professor at University in Canada
  • Partnering with RMIT to develop the world’s first surfwear design school to attract students from around the globe and maybe stay in Australia, resulting in more designers in Australia which down the road may result in employees for Pacific Brand.
  • Pacific Brands are working to help educational organisations develop content in their design programs so that the graduates have the required skills.
  • They will be holding an international student design competition; the winners would then come spend a couple of weeks working with the top Pacific Brand designers. If Pacafic Brands wants the ideas from the competition they will pay the students for the idea including an ongoing profit share model.
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