Social Recruiting and an experiment

Last week I was meeting with Riges Younan and Jeremy Samuel from 2Vouch to discuss Riges’s presentation for Australiasian Talent Conference in Auckland, topic being “The Evolution of Social Recruiting”. To develop the presentation Riges wanted feedback from the recruiting community on their thoughts, ideas and case studies. To quote Riges:

I need your help to shape, contribute and assist in the creation of this presentation.  I’ll be posting ways in which we can work together to create something that will assist many HR, Recruiters and Jobseekers around the world.

To facilitate the process Riges wanted a blog and a wiki to collect the content and discuss the ideas. So has been set up. If you have anything to say on social recruiting or recruiting in general go register and contribute, the rest of this post will be be about how I built the site.

When thinking about what tool to use to build the wiki I was very concerned that many wiki tools still use a Wiki-markup style, while basic can put a lot of people off contributing. We wanted the barrier for use to be low.

The blog was to be in WordPress 2.7, I did a bit of searching and found a wiki plugin from Instinct. While only recently released it had all of the features I needed to get the site going  quickly. I needed to modify the code a bit to fix some of the bugs, I also updated the security components along with the theme to adjust how pages were edited. Once users register they can edit any pages through the WordPress administration dashboard. This way we leveraged the power features of WordPress as a blogging platform and also its very easy to use user interface for the wiki component. Security has been adjusted so all users can create and edit and page, upload images and video, create but not publish blog posts.

Some additional plugs have been used to add collaborative features including Add to Any, Collapsing Pages, GD Start Rating, and SlideShare.

Yes there are other tools I could have used but not for only 10 hours work across two days.

I would be very interested to hear any thoughts.

10 thoughts on “Social Recruiting and an experiment

  1. This experiment assumes people are willing to spend time helping someone else for no reason other than to be helpful.
    You and Riges have both said that this was to help prepare for Riges’s upcoming conference presentation. You are no doubt compensated for your time in preparing the web site but anyone else getting involved is doing so simply to “share the love”.

    THAT is the bit that will be interesting to watch…

  2. Yes it will be interesting, although those who contribute will be recognised within the presentation. So there is a little more in it that just for the love.

    Oh yes I was compensated for my time to build the site but not any of the content I contribute. That is all for the love ;-).

  3. Thanks for linking to my plugin. One suggestion: Since you have your links set up to be highlighted in block fashion, you might want to tweak the style a bit. In your collapsing pages setup panel, you can delete the line:
    #sidebar li.collapsItem:before {
    content:’» ‘ !important;
    and add
    to the .sym class

    Good luck with the experiment!

  4. Hi Michael and others,

    I don’t believe contributions are ever only for the love… although I am happy to say that forms a part of it. I find the more I contribute, the more my own professional development grows, and even if there is no immediate ROI to say I get nothing out of it is somewhat present-focused, rather than future-focused. As a fairly new (and older) player, but fast learner, into the social media area, the more I read, the more I don’t understand, the more I feel I should pay by contributing to the conversation. That way, those who do understand, can do a “communication needs analysis” in order to gain benefits for their pre-work, and upskill the entire community. I like being an early mover on this stuff. But I can’t do it without these types of forums and trigger groups. 🙂

  5. @Karen, Welcome to the conversation and the community. A really good insight into what you can get out of participation. I think the love can also be called psychic-income (from Groundswell) which comes in all sorts of manner such as validation. a sense of belong, gratitude and recognition. Participation as you said can also trigger your own thoughts, ideas and development.

  6. Michael, you said you wanted the barrier to use to be low, but I just went to Riges’ blog and found I had to login to respond. That’s a barrier straight away. By comparison I don’t have to login to comment on your blog or Brett’s blog.

    As I didn’t want to register with yet another social networking site I will respond here to Riges’ question “What do you think about the definition and the title of the presentation?”

    The title could be “Will social recruiting evolve, and if so how?”

    As for the definition:
    “Social Recruiting harnesses the evolution of Web 2.0 technologies and social media tools to communicate, engage, inform and recruit our future talent.”

    I feel that statement will be meaningless to many people involved in recruitment.

    Sorry Riges, but you did ask 🙂

  7. Kevin, I have removed registration for comments, this is a barrier for discussion. The barrier to entry we were thinking more about was the wiki side of things. Unfortunately without registering for editing the site is open to spammers or heavy moderation. In fact in the last 24 hrs there have been about 12 spammers register and try to post spam content on the wiki!

    As for the definition response, I have moved it over to the site, I hope you don’t mind.

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  9. I like to contribute where I can (as long as I think it makes sense and adds value), by being involved you learn so much. If it helps improve this industry as a whole then we are all better for it… financially compensated or not.

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