using comment spam?

Today I woke up to find some comments waiting for approval from a site, a small job board here in Australia. The comments were typical of someone creating comment spam (such as nice site and ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and on posts about a competing job board, all from the same IP address but with different mail boxes at the domain.

I deleted them as they add no value to the conversation on this blog.

Did I do the right thing?ย 

8 thoughts on “ using comment spam?

  1. I have a simple rule on our blog and that is no blatant self promotion. The comments sound to be clearly that so yes you should have deleted them. It is junk you don’t want to have to moderate and your readers sure don’t want to read it.

    A quick whois shows the owner to be a “6 star limousines” so something tells me this might be a fleeting experiment for someone.

    nice site ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi does not look like a spam site its actualy a attractive site and a small little job site
    anyway my opniun should be banned

  3. @Adam not saying is is a spam site, more that just going onto posts about competitors and leaving comments of “Nice Site” or “:-)” is spam & is blatantly trying to just get links.

  4. Hey Micheal i totaly agree though i dont think it should be banned maybe we should give them a shot ? in my opinun

  5. Hi Michael,

    The spammer was looking for a link back from your site. You deleted his comments. Well Done!
    But what’s that – you added the link in your post. And that’s what spammer wanted! Bad Done!

  6. With a single comment just like “Nice site” etc I would find that ok… even better if some reasonable comments were made.

    The fact that there were multiple posts deserves the ban.

    This coming from an IT guy who used to work for an org primarily focussed on the job market (with a boss obsessed by SEO and website hit conversions)

    Could add lots about this… but I wont get started!

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