Looking for a job? Meet Steve Jobs from JobFeedr

I ran across YAJS (yet another job site) today which is in very early stages of development, they started building it roughly 15 days ago! The site is jobfeedr.com built by two Sydney guys Mike Nicholls & Dale Hurley.


From their about page:

Jobfeedr.com aggregates Job Postings from major job boards in numbers of major cities in Australia, USA and UK it then posts those to custom Twitter channels and RSS feeds by city by and job type.

Basically it aggregates jobs found by type and city into a Twitter feed and an RSS feed. Each combination of city/job type creates a “channel” for job seekers to watch to find a specific job.

My thoughts. 


  • Light weight solution focused on a single goal
  • Global reach
  • Given Twitter primarily has the Tech crowd and early adopters as users they tend to flock to new tools, so this could be a winner
  • Economic downturn means many people will be looking for jobs
  • Pushing jobs to candidates as they are posted


  • Twitter & RSS are still only in the Tech crowd and early adopters
  • It is a very crowded market place, standing out will be an issue
  • Monetization, other than ads I just don’t see it
  • Economic downturn means not many jobs

Summary: Interesting, slightly innovative but not unique.

Having said that no one has really cracked the job market from a candidate’s point of view. We have all sorts of niche job boards, email agents on the large boards and vertical boards all trying to deliver but failing. With some changes they might just be able to do it.

Oh and Steve Jobs is their mascot

One thought on “Looking for a job? Meet Steve Jobs from JobFeedr

  1. Great idea, I have been following jobfeedr on twitter for over a week now and although my twit feeds from them are stacking up, the ease of use is great 🙂

    Only 1 small issue I can see so far – you are using the SEEK rss feed which, I would hope you have asked them if you can use it, as we all may recall the issue with myspider.com.au aggregating content from a while back which ended up in legal threats. You will not find a seek job advert in any aggregator like jseeker/myspider/recruit.net/simplyhired etc

    Some reference material..



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