Australian Online tools for HR

I have been watching the growth in non recruiting SaaS tools for HR professionals in Australia with great interest.  We have had payroll and time tracking services for a while, and a few full fledged HRIS tools floating around but most have grown out of the old bureau offerings and not really built with the Internet in mind. 

An area of continual change is in Employee Relations. Australian legislation, like most countries, is complex and continually changing means you need to be an employment legal expert to operate in the area. Making services such as PeopleInsite, People In Small Biz and Workforce Guardian of value. All three are offering compliance documentation services to customers on a subscription basis, but seem to be approaching to from different directions.

People In Small Biz is an older style offering with a range of HR and employment services such as HR documents, onsite HR Health Checks, Outsourced HR, and AWA and Employee Collective Agreements. The cost $399/year. They also offer onsite health checks, outsourced HR services and recruitment.

PeopleInsite promotes itself as a full service employment records management operation. Allowing you to move all of your paper based employment documentation online. You can create new documents, leverage their templates, store them against employees and report on document status. They have also built integration services with payroll and HR tools.

Workforce Guardian takes these previous models a little further. Being an employee management system, employment contract generation tool, process, forms and letter guidance all supported verified by Clayton Utz an Australian employment law firm. Like PeopleInSite documents are stored against employees, reports can be run for analysis. Where Workforce Guardian is a little different is they don’t want to talk with you, well they will if you need to but also operate fully online, unlike the other services. After speaking today with Hans de Kraker their Business Development Manager they have clients who have signed up without any interaction with Workforce Guardian. They are also on Twitter which makes them even cooler in my books.

I am sure there are other services in the market place like these but I like where this is heading.

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