Do I want a job or a date?

Newish recruitment site in Australia JobX who promote their site is “all about giving you control and enabling you to promote yourself and network with others” is having a bit of an identity crisis. It seems they are not sure if they want to be a job board or a dating site!

How do I know this?

Check out, the JOBX Dating Site.

Hat tip to my source on this news nugget.

7 thoughts on “Do I want a job or a date?

  1. Well, maybe they know more about dating than they do about online employment, which wouldn’t be too difficult.

  2. Those guys at JobX always have had a warped sense of humour.

    It certainly got a laugh in our office – was that the intended reaction or were we somehome supposed to tie that into a job search?

    I notice the page defaults to (I am a) Man (seeking) Men …

    If you follow the link at the bottom of the page (Designed & Developed by Daemon Group) it just gets more confusing.

  3. I cant see how this is good for their business?

    As an advertiser would you want to be connected with a business that is advertising in dating or porn? HR departments may need to evaluate their social responsibility by advertising through jobx

    Daemon Group are their marketing consultants.

  4. I think we’re are a bit too quick to pass judgement.

    Delve a little further, you will find it’s just a joke site, presumably intended to draw attention to JobX. (although given some of the comments so far this might be backfiring).

    Try a search and see what happens 😉

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