Traffic to job sites

I am in the process of preparing some research on the internet traffic for the top job boards in Australia, from a general, niche and aggregation sense. While I am still preparing the details and looking at some comparison information the top sites are:-

It will be interesting to see the full results.

5 thoughts on “Traffic to job sites

  1. Michael, if you are going to name “top sites” then you should name the sites being compared and include the figures.

    Also, please define “traffic” šŸ™‚

  2. Ahh Kevin all will be revealed when I have finished the analysis, this is just a teaser :-).

    Traffic will be defined in multiple ways once I am done.

  3. That’s ok Kevin I’m not a statistician so we are all safe šŸ™‚ instead I’m taking the mainstream media approach release figures with no valid reason to back them up ;-).

  4. I shall be interested to see this analysis. Amongst the general category, I suspecct Seek kills all others, and I wonder if News and Fairfax only stay in the game in order to preserve a sense of their universal classifieds capability.

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