Hiring failures

This morning I wasted invested in reviewing a great site providing advice candidates. The advice. what NOT to do within the hiring process. The site Not Hired.

To quote their site:-

We are a group of HR monkeys and hiring managers who have worked with some of the largest search engines, vertical portals, and social-networking sites on the Internet, as well as for hardware and software manufacturers, universities, federal agencies, and accounting and consulting firms. In our jobs, we see thousands of cover letters and resumes every month. Some of them desperately need to be shared ;-)

If you come across a cover letter, resume, or job posting that you think everyone would enjoy, please send it along! We love user submissions and will post (anonymously, of course!) anything that makes us laugh.

Some of the ones that made me laugh:-

I hope you enjoy the laughs.

4 thoughts on “Hiring failures

  1. I just giggled quietly in my cube to the point of almost pissing myself! Cheers Michael!!!

  2. Most recruiters have seen all sorts of funny things because over the years they read so many CVs. I think I’ve probably still got a few gems in a file somewhere that go back 20 years 🙂

    I’ve also seen some pretty shocking job specs from employers.

    As for the site. It’s well done, but it’s one of those sites that you have a look at once, have a giggle, but probably never return.

  3. Sheila, glad to have been able to add some cheer to your day.

    Kevin, if you dig any of the gems out why don’t you submit them to the site? Yes unless you subscribe to the RSS feed you probably won’t visit it again.

  4. @Michael – Kevin, if you dig any of the gems out why don’t you submit them to the site?

    No time! Although I’m not quite sure about the morality of a site which uses excerpts from confidential documents to poke fun at people. The odd typo like “Proffesional Resume” is okay but some examples are a lot more identifiable than that, at least by the individual who wrote the CV.

    As for monitoring RSS feeds, I have more than I can read already, thanks to Tech Crunch mainly!

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