Personal productivity and motivation

Over the last couple of weeks I have had two discussions on productivity that struck home. recently.

Firstly how for many people they only get things done when there is a negative outcome for not doing things, ie they lack motivation. For example self financial fines or performance rating by managers. But what happens to the self employed consultant or small business owner who “kicks their butt”? Well how about a Personal CEO?

Sounds like a good idea, but unless you can afford to hire one it ain’t going to happen. Hence, my excitement when I found The Printable CEO. A series of free downloadable forms designed to keep you focused on your productive outcomes. Forms provided include:-

The forms are very clean and simple making them easy to use, for example below is a picture of the Concrete Goal Tracker:-

The other discussion was around setting appointments for yourself to complete tasks. Many people do this, but then ignore the appointment because they are doing something else that is deemed more important. This is a very bad habit as the more you do it subconsciously value of these appointments diminish as your brain knows you are “lying” to it and eventually it will impact all of your goals.

Like most people I tend to use the setting myself an appointment for my own personal goals. You know the type the ones that really help you get through life, exercise, self reflection, planning, time with family, paperwork etc. Hence my excitement about finding this post on ZenHabits (via LifeHacker) which provides some great tips for managing your personal goals:-

1. One goal at a time.
2. Make sure you really want it.
3. Make it your top priority.
4. Reduce your commitments.
5. Keep it simple.
6. Stay focused.
7. Block off time.
8. Make it your most important appointment.
9. Show that you’re serious.
10. Find your time wasters.
11. Make it a part of your daily or weekly routine.

6 thoughts on “Personal productivity and motivation

  1. Thank-you! Just what I needed to see today. Stress over deadlines has been getting to me of late… Now I have tools. Mwwah! Made my day you have!

  2. Kate I have heard about it but never really checked it out in detail. My Gmail tends to be a mess, very rarely does it get to zero :-). But will have a look.

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