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Here is a question. Why don’t I hear much about the Microsoft Dynamics HRM modules in Australia? There is lots of talk about CRM and ERP in general but not a lot on the HRM components. They have lots of data on their web site about it but I hear so little.

Is it because the product line is so confusing with the 3, that right 3, different versions? We have Dynamics AX, GP & NAV from the different acquisitions of Axapta, Great Plains & Navision.

Just a random thought for Friday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics – HRM

  1. Hi Michael

    It is a fair question. There are 2 main reasons:

    1. There is not actually any such thing as “Dynamics HRM”. As you posinted out Dynamics consists of 5 main products – Great Plains, Axapta, Navision, Solomon and MSCRM.

    2. Non of these products are particularly well known for their HRM capabilities and certainly not in the Australian market.

    As you may know we run the employment site and we are seeing very strong growth overall for Dynamics in the Australian market but I think it’s fair to say HRM is not yet one of the key selling points of Dynamics in Aus.


  2. Brett, didn’t know you ran but hey I’m not surprised!

    Your points are right on the money & it’s something MS need to fix or kill the whole product line other than CRM which seems to be the most popular.

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