Thoughts on recruiting at the high end

Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking a lot about The Ladders, a US$100K plus jobs site that mainly charges job seekers not recruiters (yes I know they have Recruit Ladders where recruiters pay for additional services). and the potential in Australia for such a service. I have been thinking about the troubles I hear candidates have “multiple posts by recruiters for the same job” and what recruiters have “unqualified candidates applying on mass as it is so easy”.

Then up pops this article on the NY Times (I know again) talking about the growth of The Ladders over the last few years and now that they have thousands of new jobs a month.

Now, according to Marc Cenedella, the chief executive of, the site listed 70,000 jobs last week and is on pace to exceed $30 million in sales this year from about 1.4 million subscribers. And the site now counts Microsoft and the EMC Corporation as clients.

So the question I have is would it work in Australia? A country that tends to step on our highly successful individuals. My guess is it would but it would have to be done right.

The current players in this space (The Big Chair, Seek Executive) operate on the old model, recruiter pays and anyone can apply, resulting in potentially unsuitable candidates (aka poor quality). I wonder what the success rate in Australia would be if candidates had to pay to apply?

Why not take this to the next step with a reputation system? Candidate spams a recruiter they get a bad reputation, recruiter spams the system rate them poorly. Done right you limit people gaming the system.

One area that needs thought is to allow or not allow recruiters to post on behalf of employers. This is a major trend in Australia, and elsewhere. But what if the service provided many of the services that the major ATS systems had, but for a nominal fee for the recruiter, payable on a monthly basis as needed.

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