JobsJobsJobs launched today, well at least their beta.

First thoughts, nice user interface which is a good start. But on the surface it looks just like any other job board. My question is it? Here are my very quick, 30 minutes worth of thoughts.

Sign up Process

Fairly easy and standard, no fancy AJAX to help users check availability of user names or suitability of passwords, but it is a jobs site. One interesting question was they wanted my mobile phone model number, marketing data or do they have other plans?

Resulting “JobSpace” again fairly standard on the surface but I would need to apply for some jobs to see if there were revolutionary features. Given I am not in the market right now I won’t.
Finding a Job

The jobs search interface was fairly standard as well, some cute AJAX sliders to narrow the search criteria but that’s about it. There is also the ability to search for jobs by employer, or alphabetical.

Job Application

Again fairly standard job application screen, a WYSIWYG editor for the cover letter. One nice feature is a summary of the job you are applying for in the right hand side of the screen.

Other Services

Standard offerings such as job alert, job hunter resources, recruiter sectors, online resume with no visible new features.

A couple of things did peek my interest, a tag cloud on the front page, a job hunter phone number to dial for help (although I can’t find it again to double check) the site seems to remember my selections which is very good.

I probably missed a bunch of things in my 30 minute scan, will go back for a deeper look later.

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