Jobster,, Cheezhead pile on

Joel Cheezman has stirred up a hornets nest asking “Is Jason Goldberg killing Jobster?” There is some very heated debate going, with what looks like death threats, don’t we learn!!

Joel will be posting a follow up in the next couple of days after he gets some facts which will be interesting.

My view is there are a lot of people who have been impacted both personally and professionally by Jobster, their growth and growing pains. Did they raise too much money, probably. Are they a bit confused in direction, possibly.

Right now Jobster looks like a teenager going through puberty and turning into an adult as all teenagers they are doing dumb things and smart things, getting hurt and hurting others. I hope that the get through this period and emerge an adult possibly in a different form but at least they get through the changes and don’t end up a statistic or worse the poster child of the Web 2.0 bust.

As for Jason Davis leaving again a sad thing but not unexpected you can’t over the long term have multiple entrepreneurs in a single company.

Jobster needs to focus on it’s core business helping recruiters fill jobs with high quality candidates. The how is the secret sauce that will be if they succeed or fail. And YES social networks are part of that sauce they always have been. needs to determine it’s core business. To me it needs to be either the entry point into the recruiter side of Jobster or a communication portal for recruiters on the internet. You can’t be half pregnant.

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