Work life balance

Just finished listening to the latest Cranky Middle Manager podcast about work life balance.  As always Wayne does a great job of covering the topic with his Guest Cali Yost.  They cover lots of really good topics and provide some good tips on how to start gaining some balance in your life.

4 thoughts on “Work life balance

  1. Michael, thanks as always for your support. Of course, you know Cali would be most upset that you’re still talking about Work-Life Balance as opposed to work life FIT which is her main point. The problem with work-life balance is that no one really knows what that means, and it shifts depending on where you are in your life.

    Thanks for your support


  2. Well to be honest I have been out a few times and continued the drowning theme with winds over 25kts. The other challenge is the family balance thing during the school term kind of makes it difficult to get out during the week. However next Monday is shaping up as a possible date as long as the winds behave!

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