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I have been meaning to get into Yahoo’s new tool Pipes for a while and have just not found the time because a tool like this has the ability to change the face of the web as we know it.

My first reaction when it was launched was “How can I apply this to the HR/Recruitment space?” Obvious place is jobs and candidates. My recent discussions with Kevin Howard from Jobs in HR, started me thinking could I with Yahoo Pipes create my own vertical search tool for jobs?
So over the last week or so I have made some time. My thoughts.

  • Yahoo Pipes is not for the feint hearted
  • You need to be at least part geek to even get going
  • It is far more powerful than you first think
  • When will the first company be launched using Yahoo Pipes as the development platform, I am not even sure the TOS allow it but an interesting thought
  • Way cool AJAX web 2.0 application, they have set the benchmark for anyone who is looking to build a web application today

So my first attempt at a Pipe is my blog’s feed in pictures from Flickr. This one takes the feed identifies major tags in the content and then looks up photos on Flickr that match. Cute but it will not change the world. The RSS feed is also available.

So what about something more useful? Local Jobs in Melbourne? I have taken Google Base, Seek, MyCareer (IT Only as they don’t allow you to browse all jobs in a single location), CareerOne as inputs, sorted by Industry and Posting Date. The result as an RSS feed of jobs from these sources.

What about user defined search criteria? Here is one that allows you to enter the state (abbreviation) and city in Australia to find jobs.

As I play with the tool further I am going to see what sort of Recruiter tools could be built with the service.

4 thoughts on “Yahoo pipes

  1. Michael,

    Pipes sure looks interesting, although as you say, a bit beyond the non coding average job seeker! (in fact probably beyond 99% of job seekers).

    But you still have the “rubbish in – rubbish out” problem.

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to subscriber to few carefully chose feeds from the sites themselves?

    We’re starting to look at filtered RSS feeds for Jobs in HR. They’re not obvious on the site, but people can subscribe to receive them by email (via Feedlitz). Other than the obvious HR jobs by State which were the first RSS feeds for us, we have recently created the first filtered feed, that is HR jobs over $120k by State. When posting a job, we simply tick box to include the job in the $120k+ feed. I’m thinking of doing some more for specific HR disciplines, such as L&D, OD, Rem and Ben, Recuitment, etc etc

    Doesn’t this sort of granulation make Pipes redundant, or am I missing the point?

  2. In part yes but also no. What happens if you were not providing these specific feeds, I could go and create them within Pipes and then advertise them for job seekers. I have also been trying to work in some other information into my Pipes, such as news about a company, company locations etc. This would provide a richer feed for the job seeker.

    Completely agree with you the Pipes is not for the average Joe!

  3. Hi, I’m using yahoo Pipes for 3 weeks and I used it to transform the rss feed from Taleo to a georss who redirect to our website. So now, in our facebook page, we have the location and after the title of the job.
    Also, we are now in google maps and live maps for our job opening.

    The next step, it’s to make a super search to search for good profile on differente social networks.

    Pipes is not easy. But It’s a powerful tool

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