Google Reader and the bad blogger

A quick post here.

It is offical I am in LOVE with Google Reader, just like GMail, Google Reader rocks. It is fast, easy to use and allows me to read my feeds how I want to. This is very important. Why cause I control how the application works not the other way around. I suspect that this is because Google developers are, as Mitch Denny blogger last week, in tune with their users, the question is are are their users advanced or mainstream and will that impact their long term success? Or is Google building their products so that the expert features are nicely hidden and then allow the average user just to get on with using the tool? User Interface is such an important part of any application.

I also really, really like the GreaseMonkey script that allows me to have Google Reader and GMail in the same window.

Second quick update, I am a bad blogger. I have just not been writing here which is really not like me. So what is up?

I have things I want to write about but most of them cross the work boundary therefore I am playing things smart and just not blogging about them. Other times I am blogging the ideas internally. So sorry guys, maybe you should get a job and then you can read all about it :-).

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