New widgets on my blog

I have been playing with some new widgets in the last few days they are making an appearance in the sidebar on the blog. Not sure how long they will remain there, probably til I get bored with them :-).

First up is the “Meebo Me” widget which allows blog readers to ping me directly while I am logged into Meebo. I have been using Meebo again since they upgraded to 1.0, fantastic IM client. If you stop by on the blog and see I am online let me know.

Second is the Twitter widget. What’s Twitter you ask? A service from Obvious that allows you to post updates about what you you are doing and where you are. Updates can be IM’s, SMS’ed or updated via the web. Right now I place this in the “cute” category but I just can’t help feeling that this is almost a platform for an open Presence environment….. Something that we need. Anyway you can see on the side of my blog what I am doing.

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