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  1. Jason Goldberg is obviously just talking about the US market, because the vast majority of employers here in Australia clearly think that recruiting is just about putting an ad on a job board. In fact many employers here in Australia, particularly large ones, still appear to be automating their recruitment with the aim of reducing human involvement, when they should in fact be doing the complete opposite!

  2. Kevin is there another market? 🙂

    I feel our employers in Australia should really be listening to this as the ones that take one board ideas like Jason’s will be the big winners.

  3. Yes Michael, click on my name above and you will find one 🙂

    You’re absolutely right about employers (and recruiters) missing out if they don’t use smarter methods to target the people they need. But I guess they can’t all win the war for talent.

    It’s rather ironic that our largest local job boards current marketing slogan is “Make Luck Happen” , because that’s exactly what the employers will need to reach the right people with their job ads, a lot of luck!

    Except I think the slogan is supposed to targetting job seekers…

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