Do you really need a resume?

Following my post on Resume 2.0, Robert Scoble posts that the resume is dead! (Ok I have taken some poetic license here.) A recruiter from Yahoo has been courting him for a few months now, but continually wants a resume.

One of the emails is from a Yahoo recruiter who has been talking with me on and off for the past few months. He keeps bugging me to send him a resume. He told me why a resume is needed, cause it’ll help him find me a job that’s a good fit for both of us.

Hmmm.  Robert replies to the latest email request saying he does not want a job that requires a resume, he gets a very concerning reply from the recruiter.

I just wrote him back and said “I just took a job that didn’t require a resume, sorry.” Oh, I can be such a snarky jerk sometimes. Sorry.

Update: it gets even funnier. He just asked “where are you going?” Um, not to Yahoo!

There are so many issues on the table here I am not going to try and address all of them! The Marketing Headhunter answers some of these by saying your blog is NOT your resume! Which is true but it is part of you and a part that hiring managers need to be aware of, even if the results are not so good for you. 2 months ago Robert provided us his thoughts on if blogging was good for his career. But just because it is good for him does not mean it will be good for you.
My take.

Yes you need a resume if you are applying for a job. However if the recruiter is contacting you and you are a public figure in your industry you should at least be able to have initial meetings and discussions without a resume. And they MUST of conducted some basic research using their favorite search engine, Robert suggests that a search engine is a recruiter’s best friend, completely agree!

Even if the person is not a public figure, if the industry or role is technical in nature a search is mandatory. The mistake by this recruiter indicates they are just that, a recruiter and not a head hunter or talent scout.

Do your recruiters use search engines?  If not look at sacking them!

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