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Just caught that a new IT job board launched last week, from the team at NowHiring.  You can read about the launch at the NowHiring blog.

What I like about the tool is it has combined both jobs and resumes in an easy to use interface, while not the first to do this but probably the easiest to navigate.  Also I can get an RSS feed of either jobs OR RESUMES, this I think is a first.

Another very nice feature is the LinkedIn button on the side of each job.  This allow the job seeker to very quickly check their network for links into the hiring organisation.  My only suggestion would be to have agency jobs check for links in not just the agency but also the hiring organisation.  For example I saw an IP Telephony Product Manager role, it is with Cisco but being recruited by Hudson, when I clicked the LinkedIn button I was shown connections to Hudson not Cisco.

4 thoughts on “Australian IT job board

  1. Thanks for the comments Michael. Glad you like the interface and the LinkedIn link.
    We spent many months working on the interface so really appreciate your feedback.

    With the LinkedIn link, we did spend a bit of time trying to make it smart by scanning the job ads but we found it often made it dumber. i.e. in many cases it would find a company in the job ad that was neither the advertiser nor the hiring company. So for now we made the call to keep it simple. Depending on popularity we may look at other ways of skinning the cat in the near future.


  2. Yes trying to be smart can actually make you dumber in the process. It would be good to get the recruiter to indicate the hiring company, of course where they are “allowed”.

    Another thought a bit of a backgrounder on LinkedIn might make sense as well. While you are going after the IT market there are IT people out there who have not heard of LinkedIn.

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