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Ok this one came from the Careers Channel over at the new Netscape site.

With everything being 2.0 these days I guess it wasn’t long before Resume 2.0 came along. Vianney Lecroart a 30 year old French developer has created a resume based on Web 2.0 features and ideas. To quote Vianney:-

I’m a 30 years old French guy living in Jouy en Josas / France.
I’m looking for a job as a Team Leader, I enjoy working on challenging projects using Extreme Programming methodology.

What is interesting other than being a bit “gimmicky” this style of resume actually provides you a better idea of what Vianney has done and can do, it also shows the type of person he is. In my mind a great example of showing your skills to a prospective employer. I also love the use of colours and styles that simulate many of the popular Web 2.0 companies out there.
I know what a good recruiter would do, but what the average recruiter would do if he applied for a job using this resume?


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  1. Kinan, that is an interesting concept, however a resume includes a bit more than just things people can do. Having said this I think a tool like this is certainly a step in the direction of Resume 2.0

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