Another job board for Australia

There must be something in the water because I received an email late last week announcing a new International Job Board (in Beta), which covers Australia at, along with Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. What is really interesting is this seems to be a vertical search play!

I really like the Browse Jobs feature which provides a Refine Your Search option that tries to pick Keywords from the selection of jobs, sort of a “drill down” function in job searching. This feature would be excellent if it worked correctly, it seems especially poor when browsing by Industry. I tried Australia > Human Resources > Director of Human Resources. Many of the jobs listed either reported to the Director of HR or required you to apply to this position.

Once again I think this might be a case of trying to be smart but actually ending up being a dumber for it.  But if the bugs can be worked out the feature will rock!

Now if we can combine all of these great new features into a single board I think we are onto something.

3 thoughts on “Another job board for Australia

  1. Michael – thanks for mentioning our site and your observations. The problem you mentioned is due to the different way job meta data and specifically the “job description” is structured across hundreds of different job sources.

    By default our results are sorted by relevancy and the first pages of results are mostly highly relevant to the users search terms. The problem kicks in with jobs futher down the list and is especially prevalent in jobs searches that include “human resources” it’s common for job postings to mention things like “please contact our Human Resources manager to apply or “email our HR Director” and our algorithim incorrectly associates this with being part of the job description and returns it as a valid results when it should not be.

    Our search engine is in beta and we’re working to make it smarter and more intuitive. We’re doing a code update this weekend and will be further refining and testing it over the next days. Thanks again for your excellent comments and feedback.

  2. Great to hear you are refining the process further as I really like the feature. Life would be a lot easier if you could get the jobs published in an XML format such as HR-XML.

    Overall a great tool.

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