Jim has brought me out

Jim Durbin has begun a discussion at Recruiting.com on a Link Swap to promote HR related blogs. While the promotion of HR blogs is a fantastic idea but a straight out link swap is probably not the best way to go about it.

Good blogs require good content, good content gets noticed and the blog gains readers.  For us to have a great HR blogosphere we need great content.
But it is not easy to get noticed, you need to gain the attention of readers.

Last year I created an OPML file of all the HR related blogs I could find, around 190 at the time. In January Double Dubs suggested that I use the hrblogs.org to help promote and create more of a community within the HR blogosphere as the OPML file was only useful to techie people. He also suggested that I should try and make a tool to help new entrants to the blogosphere find other HR blogs.
I have been a bit slow in getting my act together, sorry Double Dubs.  But Jim’s discussion has prompted me to let loose in the wild community.hrblogs.org! This little animal is not really house trained but I thought others might find it useful to see what people are talking about and what HR blogs are out there. I will try and train the animal so that it does not spontaneously self-destruct every so often and to provide it with more features.  But for now you will have to put up with an untrained animal.
The features right now:-

  • Consolidated listing of over 340 HR related blogs, categorised by type
  • Ability to sort listing by Technorati rank, date last updated an alphabetically
  • Ability to show the latest posts from an individual site and subscribe to the feed
  • Ability to view to a consolidated RSS feed of the overall site, or by particular category, and scroll through all posts tracked 30 posts at a time.
  • Ability to subscribe to a consolidated RSS feed (last 30 posts) of the overall site, or by particular category. If you are only interested in Employment Law then subscribe just to that category.
  • Consolidated OPML file of all sites, broken up by category.
  • There is also a Top 10 lists section showing either consolidated or by category the last 10 sites updated, the top 10 as ranked in Technorati.
  • Submit a site form, if I have missed you site and you want to get listed, fill in the form. If I have listed your site and you don’t want to be listed or the information is wrong drop me an email.

An interesting statistic, of the 342 blogs, there have been over 220 posts in the last 24 hours. Yesterday there was over 1 post a day.

I hope some of you find this new site useful.

8 thoughts on “Jim has brought me out

  1. I hope you find it useful, let me know what you think and what improvements could be made. I can’t promise to do everything (limted by time & skills) but I will see what I can do.

  2. one suggestion…when you search by teachnorati rankings, the blogs with a rannking of 0 come before blogs like slacker manager and businesspundit ! 😀

  3. You certainly are in the community list. The blogroll on the right is an outdated list of who I am reading. I really need to keep the list up to date.

  4. This is really useful… I don’t suppose you have a list of HR blogs in Australia do you? This would be so helpful

  5. No sorry Cath I don’t. From my investigations there are not very many, maybe 10 or so active blogs with HR content. There have been a numer come and go.
    The major ones being:-
    Microsoft http://blogs.msdn.com/ausjobblog/default.aspx
    CareerOne http://www.careerone.com.au/jobs/job-search/pid/1065
    LinkMe http://blog.linkme.com.au/blogs/linkme
    Simon Heap http://dba.simonheap.com/
    IncSub (Education Focused) http://incsub.org/blog
    Learning Technologies http://digitaldialogues.blogs.com/learning_technologies/
    GenM http://richard-greaves.hrblogs.org/
    Recruitment Stuff http://phantomrecruiter.hrblogs.org/

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