What’s your conversational index?

I noticed over the last few days a bit of a buzz on the Conversational Index (CI) of your blog, originally started by Stowe Boyd and continued all over the place, ToDoOrElse.com, Don Dodge, Frank Arrigo and Mitch Denny.

Basically it goes like this. Get your total posts and divide by the sum of your comments plus trackbacks, (posts/comments+trackbacks). This will give you a ratio of how much conversation is generated by each post, the aim is to have more conversation than posts ie a CI less than 1, any higher than 4 you need to improve the conversation by changing what you write about.

I did a little sum on this blog :-
Posts = 694
Comments + Trackbacks = 429
CI = 1.61 (Not bad)

But the comments and trackbacks include inter-site trackbacks which inflates things a bit and I am missing my comments from my old blog (maybe 50 but I don’t know) but the posts are included in the 694. So let’s say the real CI is around 2, which I guess would be average.

What do you think? (Yes I want to get my CI down so comment or trackbacks.)

3 thoughts on “What’s your conversational index?

  1. Does this help?

    Actually – I think most peoples CI is probably better than they think it is. For example – I had a post that I made two years ago that had a huge spike of activity around it. But I never saw many trackbacks or comments because it was linked to from a community site and the discussion happened there.

  2. Thanks Mitch!

    You are probably right, I also see Technorati and Pubsub picking up on links back to posts that never make it as a trackback. There is also the whole issue (while a little different) of comments on other sites about related topics that never make into your own conversation stat’s.

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