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Over the last few months I have been exchanging emails with Kevin Howard from Jobs In HR, a niche job board here in Australia for HR jobs, I first wrote about them a while back. Jobs in HR is a email service sent out to over 5000 subscribers on a weekly basis. Jobs are also posted on their web site. The rates for advertising are not bad either, $120 per jobs for a casual rate, of course volume packs are available.

I take my hat off to Kevin and his team as today they added RSS feeds to their site. Kevin dropped me a note overnight to let me know it had gone live and they already have 8 subscribers, 9 now as I subscribed, with no advertising! They have implemented the feeds by state when you browse the web site. They have used the Firefox, RSS feed icon as well which seems to be the standard people are moving towards.

Interesting Firefox does not seem to recognise that there is a feed on the page when you are browsing the jobs, hopefully this can be fixed easily.

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  1. Hi Michael, thanks for the tip about Firefox. It did see the feeds when we first set them up, but we made some changes when we started using Feedburner. We’ll check it out and get it fixed.

  2. Michael, we have done quite a bit of ‘fine tuning’ the RSS feeds and they should all now be detected by Firefox (and display the correct feed title). The circulation is gradually rising although it’s very difficult to measure accurately. Anyone who subscribed to our feeds first up may need to re-subscribe because we changed the feed URLs.

    Also, discovered FeedBlitz, which we will probably use to redistribute the individual feeds by email, on a daily basis (for those who want it that way). This gives us yet another means to publish the HR job ads. Thanks for prompting us to implement RSS in the first place!

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