4 thoughts on “Dr Death a Top Search for 2005

  1. This “dr” killed my father and i hope he rots in hell for all he has done. International doctors should NOT be allowed to practice in our country any longer unless absolutely ALL background checks are done on them and cleared 100%. Then the deaths of so many innocents will be spared.

  2. Joanne, you have my sympathy and condolences.

    I agree background checking is very important and so much more so when it comes to positions of responsibility such as medical doctors, airline pilots, bus drivers etc.

  3. Thankyou Michael. This man needs to caught ASAP to put myself and so many others in the mindset that justice has been delivered. However i have little faith that our meager legal system will deliver its just deserts.

  4. Joanne, would your reaction have been any different, had it been a doctor born and brought-up in your country?

    I vouch-stand that such doctors should be punished for their failures or negligence, but your comment adverts to racial discrimination. Background checks are important for all doctors, not just foreign educated doctors.

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