Hot and Hoter

The last few days have been very hot here in Melbourne, around 40-43C (or 104-109F), just a bit hot. We went to the shopping centre to try and escape, like everyone else, and I would guess it was in the mid 30’s inside the centre. The shops kept turning the lights down to try and cool things down! There was 1.5 hour query to see a movie, even a 30 min queue to pick up tickets bought online. Our kitchen has about 35C, while the rest of the house stayed around 29-30C which is not too bad considering. At one point during the day I was laying on the bed, lights off iPod on just trying to chill out. Needless to say the house we are in does not have air conditioning.

Looking at the forecast we have a few days around 30 and then back up to 40 for Australia Day on Thursday.

5 thoughts on “Hot and Hoter

  1. We had a 43 degree day in sydney over xmas and it was pretty dreadful. You should reaquaint yourself with any long lost friends that have a pool …

  2. Oh yeah, tennis in that heat is just silly, even if you are getting paid.

    Tomorrow we are going to drive to Queenscliff and catch the ferry across to Sorrento and drive back. We were thinking of spending the day at the art gallery or in the museum but decided the drive might be just as good.

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