Talentism and the best blogs

Jeff from Talentism provides us with run down of his best blogs based on the nominations in the Recruiting.com Best Blogs Awards for 2005.

I have been thinking a lot about which blogs I read an why, Jeff’s post and the listings of nominations have got me thinking further on the topic. I have boiled the “must read list” down down from about 300 to about 20, they may not be popular and they definitely are not all HR related as I am half geek! My top 20 list (ie the ones I read when time is short) is:-

Blogging and podcasting in Australia
Seth Godin
Stone : Marc Cenedalla
Gautam Ghosh
SystemmticHR (Double Dubs)
The HR Analyst Blog
Joel’s Online Recruitment Blog
Resourcing Strategies
Systematic Viewpoints
Taleo Blog
Gretchen & Co.
Heather’s “Marketing and Finance at Microsoft” Blog
incorporated subversion
Common Craft (Although Lee is travelling the world)
Cameron Reilly
SplaTT’s Blog
Jeremy Zawodny
Doc Searls Weblog

Having listed out my top blogs I do recognise that sometime I am in a mood and just need a fix of something different. Then I tend randomly choose some to read. Why is this important? The Recruiting.com Best Blog Awards has highlighted several really, really good blogs that I don’t tend to read! Over the Christmas period I think I might need to revised my RSS Reader subscriptions to include some of these new ones and maybe remove some that I no longer read.

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