Yes voting is really open

Best Blog Awards

Yes voting is open for’s Best Blog Awards. The prize, lots of coffee, a trip to Vegas, oh and the feeling of being recognised by your peers.

I would certainly recommend anyone who has anything to do with HR, recruitment, management, learning or knowledge management to check out the blogs. Then vote for the one they feel is the best!

Two points to note:-
1. Yes I am nominated but you don’t have to vote for me as there are some very good blogs out there that deserve recognition.
2. We must ensure that Microsoft does not win all the categories! (sorry Heather and Gretchen & Co.)

5 thoughts on “Yes voting is really open

  1. Hey now…I am only nominated in one category ; ) and since it’s not a company award but an individual award…I’m just saying ; )

    I would vote for you for the “kicking and screaming” category, if we are going to be honest about that! Hah!

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