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I noticed an interesting article on Australian IT about Telstra and their new propaganda activities, nowwheretalking.

offers a raft of Telstra information, including statistics, speeches by executives, blogs from Telstra staff and feature articles supporting the company’s position on regulation of the telecommunications industry.

(Emphasis mine)

They have gone and created 11 employee written blogs. While they allow for comments, there is now RSS feed or track backs, so are they really blogs, but that is another story. An interesting move that on the surface should be applauded. I wonder if they had to prepare a blogging policy or if they have only “allowed” media certified employees to blog? And who was involved in getting this up and running, I suspect Phil Burgess their PR guy. And the next question is will they moderate comments?

I was reading Rob Bruem’s first post where he admits his mum uses Skype! I wonder what she will say if Telstra follows the lead of some teleco’s to look into blocking Skype packets from their network.

Another good first post comes from Georgia Lee where she goes through her top 10 tips on managing work and home as a mother, wife and being senior sales & marketing role. In summary her top 10 are:-

  • Choose the right partner
  • Recognise that you can not do it all
  • Communication is key
  • Every day is different – every kid is different – every job is different
  • Managing time at work
  • Use the technology
  • Pick the times that you want to be at home and work around that
  • Get the kids involved
  • Get a cleaner
  • Don’t be afraid to question whether the “working mother” balance is working for you

A good list of tips for managing your work life balance.

6 thoughts on “Corporate blogging in Australia

  1. I am visiting Australia and New Zealand over Xmas and New year, 15th Dec to 2nd Jan please look at our demo site and corporate blog and let me know what you think, and

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    I can send additional material and comparison charts if you are interested, I can tell you that Blogtronix is now being intergrated with Sharepoint and whiteLabelled for My Space.

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    Jim Morrison CEO
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  2. Jim Morrison is not associated in any way with Blogtronix, LLC. There is no Blogtronix Europe (or Europde) legal entity ever registered.

    Vassil Mladjov
    founder and ceo

  3. To all those people I met during my holiday in Australia and who had the time to meet and discuss the Blogtronix platform with me, my thanks and appreciation. With a special thanks to Des Walsh, who provided me with help and advise, and numerous contacts. Good on you mate.

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