Sharing content in a Web 2.0 world

A week ago Ray Ozzie posted about Really Simple Sharing a new extension to the RSS (and OPML) protocol from Microsoft called Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE), that is released under Creative Commons. SSE allows asynchronous replication of items among two or more parties via feeds. There has been a bit of a buzz over this for several reasons such as Ray is involved, Microsoft is doing it, RSS is the protocol, even Dave Winer thinks it is cool which is great as he is the author (?) of the RSS specification.

But what is this? Essentially SSE allows two (or more) people to share and update a single feed and then re-publish. Several people way more intelligent have provided several use cases and other examples. Denham Grey, Jeremy Chone, Mike Arrington,, and Dion Hinchliffe. There is even a picture or two available in Flickr on the SSE. Finally Microsoft has an FAQ about SSE.

Ok on to more mundane things, how to we actually use this draft extension?

Right up front, being able to combine comments into a single RSS feed (of course we will have to deal with comment spam). Our news readers will become content creators as well, I a would guess that more people will start to comment as it should become easier. Further to this we can really begin to FUSE our content.

I had hoped for some HR examples, but right now nothing maybe later.

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