Google base and HR

Sometimes I like to watch, and other times I tend to jump in with both feet.

The launch of Google Base has been one of those times I have wanted to watch, well read really. There are thousands of opinions out there on what Google base is really doing, what is not doing, why it is good, and what you can do with it. Some of interest are:-
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Social Patterns : Google Base Officially Launches

There are lots of sides to this and I think that it will take several months for us all to see where this goes.

Yes, organisations will post ads, and yes candidates will be able to integrate nifty features such as maps to see the location, news to get a background on the company. Yes employers will be able to search and mine people profiles for possible candidates.

But as Jeff Jarvis comments Google Base is a structured closed environment, not an open one of standards for tags and structure, where

Imagine if you could go to a page that lets you put in your resume or house ad or job ad and it spits out tagged XML you could put on the web anywhere to be found by anyone.

Will Google open the base up? Time will tell.

The other aspect that will take time for us to see is the long term impact on job boards and their reach. When an employer can post for free, why would they pay a job board?

For vertical search could there be a similar outcome? Today I can search Indeed for jobs in Australia and come up with only 5, while Indeed has not really entered the Australian market it might not be a fair comparison but Google Base has 10. Ok, neither result is really that good, but vertical search organisations need to negotiate with job listing providers for content, Google just needs people to post for free!

A few of other thoughts.

How will Google Base impact the work of a recruiter? Will it just become another optional source of candidates, or will it be THE place for candidates? If Google open up the Base will Talent Management Solution providers integrate results?

There are courses and events being posted on Google Base. How will this impact employees find learning events?

All in all it will be an interesting few months to see how this all pans out.

4 thoughts on “Google base and HR

  1. Sorry Jason, I meant to include your post as it provides some great insight.

    I like you thoughts that companies like Jobster will have to get closer to their customers to ensure success.

  2. What I was hoping for, regarding making availabe a “public database”, is some of the tagging around the skills and competencies models, hookep up with user profiles, then eventually matching the jobs and those profiles.

    But with listings expiring in 30 days, I don’t think there is time to grow that type of ecology.

    Your thoughts?

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