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I am really starting to question the validity of the listing produced in Interbiznet’s Bugler, which is based on the work from TopJobSites. Yes I know on the TopJobSites they have a disclaimer but still to have missed the number 1 job site in India given they make up such a large proportion of the job market these days is a bit of an error. Is Naukri undertaking some activity that would have them being excluded from the list or is this just an error? I would love to know.

What with this and the missing Australian government site JobSearch do we really have a complete understanding of the international marketplace. Can anyone help me understand, what other sites are missing? In the interests of getting a clearer picture I have uploaded the complete 179 site listing as a PDF for review.

Adding Naukri to the list would push out of the top 10 and leave only 3 US focused sites in the top ten, probably a true reflection of the market place.

Site Name Type 10/01/2005 11/01/2005 US 96 100
CareerBuilder US 190 182 Non English-Chinese 244 239 English-India 380?? 373 US 346 388 Non English-Chinese 439 454
JobsDB English-Asia Pacific 571 688 Non English-Spain 872 800 English-Asia Pacific 988 994
Workopolis English-Canada 1,488 1,433 US-Niche-IT 1,528 1,457
Monster Canada English-Canada 1,728 1,556
SEEK English-Australia 1,629 1,707
ANPE Non English-France 2,408 2,122 US-Local 2,256 2,527
JobsAhead English-India 3,149 2,804
America’s Job Bank US-Gov 3,099 3,077
Monster India English-India 3,129 3,166
Vault US 3,482 3,411 US-Aggregator 4,070 3,470

(Thanks to Udit Bhandari from for pointing this out)

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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. We publish the listings as a service and as a point of departure. We routinely cover the inadequacies of the report. Your insight, however, is a nice, quantitative improvement.

  2. The listing provide an interesting perspective on the job board market and highlight the growth of online HR services outside of the US. I will be very interested to compare this list in 9-12 months time once gets up and running. Will job boards still have the same reach? The other interesting statistic would be to look at tools such as Craigslist and see the reach jobs get on this service vs a traditional job board and then a corporate job site.

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