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Reading the interbiznet Bugler this morning I saw a rankings of top 180 odd job boards across the globe based on the data from Top Job Sites who are using Alexa traffic rankings for each site to come up with the list. While the list is extremely US centric and really doesn’t cover the complete global view of the industry, ie JobSearch the Australian govenerment job site ranked at 9618 which would put it around number 43 globally was missing but all in all it is a good representation.

What got my really interested in the list is where some of the international sites sit in relation to the big US job boards.

Site Name Type 10/01/2005 11/01/2005 US 96 100
CareerBuilder US 190 182 Non English-Chinese 244 239 US 346 388 Non English-Chinese 439 454
JobsDB English-Asia Pacific 571 688 Non English-Spain 872 800 English-Asia Pacific 988 994
Workopolis English-Canada 1,488 1,433 US-Niche-IT 1,528 1,457
Monster Canada English-Canada 1,728 1,556
SEEK English-Australia 1,629 1,707
ANPE Non English-France 2,408 2,122 US-Local 2,256 2,527
JobsAhead English-India 3,149 2,804
America’s Job Bank US-Gov 3,099 3,077
Monster India English-India 3,129 3,166
Vault US 3,482 3,411 US-Aggregator 4,070 3,470 Non English-Spain 3,976 3,757

There are some very interesting observations I can make about the top 20 list. First is that it seems the 3rd and 5th ranked sites are Chinese language sites! Of the top 10 sites only 4 are US focused, which means 60% of the job board business is outside of the US! Ok I am not taking into account the reach. From an Australian perspective Seek is listing in number 12 position just behind Monster Canada, not bad for our little peice of dirt down here. Our other major sites and CareerOne are ranking 33 and 34 respectively very cool.

I am honestly surprised by the size of the market outside of the US and the implications this has for recruitment software vendors and job seekers.

5 thoughts on “Job sites rankings

  1. You are right, given this and the Australian site being excluded I wonder about the validity of the results? is ranked 373 by Alexa which puts it ahead of and really reduces the influence US job boards should have on features and services provided by vendors.

    How many other sites have been excluded from the list?

  2. Hi Michael

    I came here to let you know about too. Jobstreet’s India site has an Alexa rank of 1022. Does the ranking for Jobstreet take that into account?


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