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While I was out for a walk on Sunday morning I caught up on some listening, one of the shows I listened to was Episode 19 of the Cranky Middle Manager from The Podcast Network. During this show Wayne interviews Gary Neilson about his new book, “Results”, they talk about 7 types of organisations and the impact they have on an organisation. This got me thinking about grey zones again and that the size of a grey zone would likely be directly related to the type of organisation. I am sure the Passive Aggressive organisation would have a larger grey zone than the Military Precision organisation.

4 thoughts on “Organisations that influence

  1. Glad you enjoyed the show….or at any rate got you thinking. Gary Neilson’s book is really solid (even if written by yet another #@%@#% consultant). You’ll love the next show…. Richard Conniff who wrote “The Ape in the Corner Office” is on. Too much fun.

    Thanks for the mention of the show. Let me know any time what I can do to make it better for you.

    Any stories for the Worst Manager on the Planet Contest? I’m sure you know someone who wants to win some cool prizes.


  2. Being one of your regular listeners I enjoy all the shows. I have a few ideas for the worst manager on the planet just need to work out how to protect the innocent 🙂

  3. I think all types of organizations have their own grey zones. They only differ on the degree these grey zones have been negatively affecting the whole organization. It’s not wrong to put some limitations inside an organization but they must be justified first before being implemented. I think good management is the key in resolving grey areas.

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