iTunes Music Store is here

Guess what, today iTunes Music Store launched in Australia!!

After a very very long wait Australia has joined many other countries with an iTunes Music Store, and not surprising SonyBMG are not yet participating, too bad for them and their artists. I was a little slow off the mark getting the news today as I have been in a two day workshop but as soon as I got home :-

I am now busy at purchasing music! I listened to Adam Curry’s DSC 265 heard The Doors Riders on the Storm and tonight I now have the song.

3 thoughts on “iTunes Music Store is here

  1. Wouldn’t say pure, just I have an iRiver and so iTunes music is nothing for me. I bought some stuff from Bigpond and Ninemsn music.

    In fact got the Queen Greatest hits for 15 bucks (51 songs and that was after a $30 voucher for $20 offer. In effect got 51 Songs for $10 or 20 cents a song).


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