Multinational networks

One of the most amazing aspects of blogging is the online connections that can be formed. These networks would most likely never be formed offline. Take for example this post from Afshin Dabiri who writes about HR from Iran. I tried to comment to say thanks for the link as Ahshin has done on my blog only to realise that I was unable. I do not understand Persian, even though my browser can type the characters! Ahshin is not the only reader from Iran, Delaram has also commented. Thanks for the readership and the comments guys.

There has been lots of debate over the last few months about the size of the blogosphere, many commentators just cover English language blogs. However there is a whole other world out there that “we” typically miss. I wish I could participate in these conversations but due to language barriers (on my side not there’s) I am unable, I cannot even do a Babel Fish Translation.

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