More on GoDaddy

Well after a week of going around the table I have cancelled the GoDaddy service. I guess it was just not for me.

I ended up having to use a command line interface for FTP as the 3 different FTP clients kept dropping connections and then immediately trying to reconnect. When they tried to reconnect they seemed to trip the limit set by GoDaddy of 3 concurrent connections for FTP traffic. Once this happened I was locked out of the account for anywhere between 10 minutes and 1 hour depending on how many connection attempts the FTP client undertook before I closed it down. I just do not know why this is the case, maybe there is some for of queuing going on.

I also conducted several trace routes for technical support. Which seemed to me to be fine on my side but according to them there was a problem with my ISP causing latency. In looking further the issue does not seem to be with my ISP, the packets leave them on the 3rd hop, and go off the Sprint undersea cables between Australia and US which is where the latency begins.

There also seemed to be some confusion within the support team ab0ut which services support DNS wildcard aliases and which did not, a service I really need and was willing to pay for.

Anyway to cut a long story short I have cancelled the service and will look somewhere else. I filled in the survey as to why I cancelled, and they refunded my money. So we are all square which it great. In hindsight maybe I am just a difficult customer or maybe I did not research the service enough. I guess I will never know.

In a real positive spin I have also received an email from Laurie Anderson from the “Office of the President” for GoDaddy looking for feedback on the issue. Great kudos for this and thank you.

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