Online recruitment – the results…

Well yesterday has been and gone and so has the first Victorian AHRI HRIS SIG session (way too many acronyms). The sessions seemed to go down well I was able to run through my presentation in just on 15 minutes.


  • The audience spent a lot of time writting, this is good
  • The audience looked engaged, also good
  • The 3 difference perspectives worked well
  • Only one question from the audience during the panel, a pity
  • Several members of the audience asked for the complete presentation to be emailed out immediate, a very good sign

I am looking into putting the presentation up on the site somewhere, just playing to where and how (PDF, PowerPoint saved as a web page, etc).

One thought on “Online recruitment – the results…

  1. I’m glad it went well!

    I’m not sure from your post if you have server space available or not. If you email me the presentation, I’d be happy to upload it to our server for you.

    david (at) erexchange (dot) com

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