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Ok everybody is talking about Google Talk, I even saw it on the mainstream news tonight here in Melbourne! “Oh and yes you can talk for FREE!” is the quote I heard repeated way too many times. It is not really free, you have to pay for bandwidth, you also need broadband to get full benefit. The media should of been pointing this out. Instead we get “yes its free” over and over again.

For many Australian’s who might have been sucked in by plans like Telstra Bigpond’s 200MB broadband options they are going to have problems.

A bigger question is why has Google moved into IM and VOIP? There has been speculation for well over a year that they might be doing this. Personally I don’t understand what IM and VOIP have to do with “organising the world’s information”?

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  1. Dave, I agree in some regard but I guess there is something in the back of my mind saying “Google is getting too big” and “Is Google losing focus?” I know I am not the only one either. I can see some possibilities way down the track when voice to text is really really good but until then I am just not so sure.

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